Help me choose my new blade!

Help me choose my new blade!

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    Help me choose my new blade!

    Hello guys,
    I’m getting a new table tennis blade soon, and I need you guys to help me choose one out of these options listed: Butterfly Lin GaoYuan ALC, Xoom Ice Cream AZX, Butterfly Viscaria, Zhang Jike T5000, or any other blade that you guys can recommend that’s pretty fast and stiff, but is also decent for spin and looping. Also keep it under $200. Thanks
    The blades will be paired with Nittaku Hurricane 3 pro Blue Sponge on FH and Butterfly Impartial XS on BH.

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    A fellow club-m8 uses Andro Treiber Z, with some TSP short-pips ..I’ve tried the blade, and it feels/plays really well .. has loads of control.. It’s a ZLC blade, and it’s a pretty fast, but not as fast as ZJ-ZLC.. Perhaps, a gear slower ..

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